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Its not just what is in the food that counts!

Our aim is to minimize our environmental footprint, so environmentally friendly packaging is really important to us.

We have recently had to temporarily switch from using compostable containers to plastic due to their versatility and quality (however this is a temporary stepping stone to finding the right compostable container)

Our food trays are  made from an average of up to 85% recycled PET post-consumer content- collected and recycled bottles and trays, uniquely utilising mixed coloured PET as attractive food packaging. As the products are created from a natural mix of recycled PET, their colour will vary; the different palettes of colours enable consumers to recognise they use a recycled and circular product. These trays are reliably detected by existing sorting infrastructure in the UK, NI and ROI and returned to the mixed jazz stream where they can be recycled into new food safe products again and again.


The company that make these trays- Faerch Plast are committed to an active role in the plastic debate by driving the industry towards making food packaging truly circular. The Faerch plant is powered by 100% sustainable green energy and Faerch is the only food tray manufacturer, which has invested in ownership of a recycling operation.

The plastic film lid and cardboard sleeves are both 100% recyclable. 

Image by Noah Buscher
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